The Echo Framework™

Get your dream build ready for groundbreaking in 6-12 months by using ACVN's 4-step Echo Framework™.

The Echo Framework™

Get your dream build ready for groundbreaking in 6-12 months by using ACVN's 4-step Echo Framework™.

Dreams are in the Details

While you're picking paint colors and furniture, we'll be working on the fine points that are deserving of your future. That's why the Echo Framework™ of Architectural planning works:

  • Phase 1: Engagement
  • Phase 2: Creation Concept™
  • Phase 3: House to Home™
  • Phase 4: Ongoing Build Support

The Echo Framework™

Looking at all the potentials, without compromising the details that make this build special for you and your family.

Phase 1


Let's begin! In the first phase, we will set the stage for your ideal built by establishing expectations, budget, and goals.

Goal Setting & Site Analysis

Expectations & Onboarding

Setting an Ideal Budget

Brainstorming & Dreaming

Phase 2

Creation Concept™

Let's turn your ideas into reality in the schematic design phase, where we turn your concept into a true creation. Here we will draft official sketches of the build and ensure that we are matching your vision.

Plan Outline

Finalizing Options

3D Sketches

Phase 3

House to Home™

This is where ideas meet engineering and architectural details to make your vision a reality. We ensure your official construction documents are structurally sound and ready for the rubber to meet the pavement, so to speak.

Final Budgeting & Outlining

Blueprint Planning & Drawing

Permits, Compliance, & Specs

Phase 4

Ongoing Build Support

Administrating a custom building project is no joke, and we are here for you every single step of the way. From permits to inspection and keeping the subcontractors moving forward on time, we can guarantee our constant attention and perpetual passion to see your project come to life.

Revolutionizing the future of homebuilding

Increase in new home construction compared to the last decade.
In new single-family homes in the United States.

What our clients are saying

Experiences with Dugan Caswell and Andreina Verdesoto

We had interviewed a second architect and had a nice discussion, but she never got back to me... never called me back. What I really wanted was a draftsman, to put our house on blueprints, I really didn't know how much I needed an architect, he changed everything all for good. Dugan took our floor plan and made it incredible. The new house is BETTER than our millionaire dream house thanks to Dugan.

John C. Homeowner

In hiring an architect I look for someone who is easy to work with, responsive, keeps me up to date, and doesn't price gouge... ACVN met all of that criteria. Working with Dugan is smooth and comfortable, and the price is comparable to other architects that I interviewed.

Angelo Business Owner

"Looks like we got the first step correct. Met with Dugan and couldn't be more pleased with his ability to listen to our desires and add his thoughts. I really feel like we are heading into the winner's circle. We're still in the beginning stages.
We are planning an addition to welcome the newest member to our family, we need more bedrooms. I will update you along our journey of making sound decisions."

Shannon O. Homeowner

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Your house can give you the life you dream about for you and your entire family, so you can enjoy all of life's moments.

With an Echo framework design from ACVN, you can focus on what's most important to you... whether it's an addition, a house off the grid, the perfect piece of land or the home you're dreaming of for your grandkids... you can love where you live.